Nektar Analytics family of healthcare products help compliance departments better identify who is at risk, where they are at risk, and assist in resolving them.

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Cloud-Based Platform for Conducting Medical Record Reviews

Cloud-Based Platform for Medium to Large Medical Groups

Single Billing Analysis for

Small Groups or Individual Providers

Provides individual providers access to industry leading coding analytics without requiring the purchase of a  software solution.

Take back control of your medical group with benchmarking that instantly identifies all your areas of audit exposure.

Stop struggling with conducting medical reviews manually. Transform your audit process with HoneyComb.

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Stop Auditing In The Dark

Our breakthrough suite of healthcare compliance products let you easily benchmark your providers and identify the outliers.

Benchmark Your Providers

Identify Your Outliers

Review Your Medical Records

Have instant access to all your providers billing data compared to their peers. Perfect for gaining insight into the coding practices of your organization.

Prioritize your statistical outliers that exhibit the most risk exposure to quickly reduce compliance issues before they occur.

Gain the critical insight on coding weaknesses by conducting medical record reviews on the specific services that put you at audit risk.

Start being proactive with reducing your audit risk.

Introducing Nektar's best-in-class family of healthcare compliance products.

Now offering a FREE 2-month pilot of our benchmarking solution for Medical Groups.

Nektar puts our compliance department's auditing and monitoring capabilities on better footing based on how the OIG, DOJ, and government auditors data mine for billing data anomalies. This allows us to stay ahead, remediate compliance risk, and add value by identifying revenue opportunities.

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See the Benefits

Single Provider Benchmarking

Medical Record Audits

Medical Group Benchmarking